Planning Your Own Kentucky Derby Party

At Pomegranate, we’re lucky enough to call the Bluegrass region of Kentucky our home, and we’ve long been inspired by our roots. Naturally, our love for all things equestrian has bred an abiding enthusiasm for the Kentucky Derby, and after many years of throwing a derby-inspired fete each May, we’ve picked up a thing or two about creating the best Kentucky Derby themed party. Read on to discover our favorite Kentucky Derby party decorations and entertaining ideas.

Welcome Guests with Themed Cocktails

Set the tone for your party right away with a classic batch of mint juleps, which in addition to being the official drink of the derby, is a refreshing choice for those warm spring days. Of course, if you’d like to offer additional cocktails to your menu, Pimm’s Cups and Whiskey Sours can be fun alternatives or additions to the standard julep. And don’t forget plenty of lemonade and Sweet Tea, which make lovely non-alcoholic options that still offer a Southern feel. Serve them all up in spirited glasses with equestrian-inspired details and you’ll be on your way to the Kentucky Derby themed party of the year.

Cheers to Race Day with Equestrian Bourbon Glasses

Deck Out Your Living Room

Chances are you’ll be enjoying the race from the comfort of your living room, so don’t skimp on Kentucky Derby party decorations that will add to the fun. Equestrian-themed throw pillows are an easy way to imbue your living room with race day-ready decor, and with refined patterns and elegant styles, you’ll use these sophisticated pillows long after the winner crosses the finish line. Plus, the extra pillow will make your sofas and chairs all that much more comfortable and inviting—ideal for days when you’ll have a full house of guests.

The Paddock print perfectly captures the thrill of the race

Setting the Table

You’ll likely need a meal to balance out those mint juleps, and your dining table is another opportunity to add to your Kentucky Derby themed party decor. At Pomegranate, we stock a range of equestrian-inspired table linens for every taste. From our vintage-inspired pieces to modern, bold prints, our collection includes every detail to create joyful, high quality linens that will make your table shine, including tablecloths, table runners, placemats, napkins, and more.

Go the Distance with the Details

Once you’ve established your dining table theme, it’s time to hone in on the details to really make your Kentucky Derby party decorations sing. Cheerful details like place cards or party favors add a nice touch and are sure to charm your guests—we love miniature bottles of bourbon, or bourbon-caramel candies next to the plate to add that something special. You could also infuse each setting with a little pop of color and texture by tucking a sprig of mint into each napkin or napkin ring for a sweet finishing touch.

Embellish with Roses

They don’t say run for the roses for nothing! Take this motto as your cue for how to approach floral decorations during your Kentucky Derby themed party. While you might not need a garland, a few well-placed arrangements of roses throughout your home will add a gorgeous pop of color. We love the idea of placing one arrangement in the entryway to greet your guests, as well as several scattered throughout the living room and dining area, which are sure to look stunning with help from a few extra blooms.

Dress the Part

Of course the dress code for your Kentucky Derby themed party is up to you, but if we had it our way, guests would show up in their most spirited, festive finery. This means bow ties for the gents and the finest fascinators and hats for the ladies, and bright colors all around. Of course, as the hostess you’ll want to keep your finery neat and tidy while you make your party preparations, so donning an equestrian-inspired apron will help you stay stain-free while still looking on-theme.

Delight guests with an apron from the heart of horse country

Include Themed Kitchen Decor

Chances are your guests will find their way into the kitchen, particularly if they know that’s where you’re serving up casual, pre-dinner nibbles and cocktails. Why not go all out on your Kentucky Derby themed party by decking out your kitchen for the big day? Details like equestrian-themed hand towels and pot holders will go a long way in impressing your guests, and of course, serve practical purposes from the chef’s point of view! At Pomegranate we stock options that feature everything from bright, eye-catching embroidery to sophisticated, hand-drawn prints, so there’s something for everyone—they also make wonderful hostess gifts if you’re a guest in need of a pretty present!

Entertain with Derby Trivia

Whether your guests are derby diehards or racing dilettantes, the competitive spirit of the day is sure to affect them. Leading up to your party, research historic and modern derby trivia, which will entertain your friends and family and help them get into a racing mindset. This can be a great activity during cocktails, or during dessert when everyone’s winding down from the thrill of the race. Just don’t forget to serve something tasty, like a bourbon-infused pecan pie! For after-dinner dessert or cocktails, offer charming horse themed cocktail napkins to creating the ideal final impression for your Kentucky Derby themed party.

Shop Equestrian Decor at Pomegranate

Pomegranate is your trusted resource for stylish and unique Kentucky Derby party decorations, as well as refined table linens and home decor for the other 364 days of the year. In addition to our equestrian-themed collections, we offer stunning textiles, like our Refined Ribbon Collection and our best selling Indian Handblocks, to name just a few. Explore the rest of our offerings to discover one-of-a-kind, luxury linens, home decor, apparel, bags, and more.  

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