Spring Decor Ideas: The Parlor 

Spring is the perfect opportunity to add a little freshness to your living room after a long winter of cozying up and hunkering down. As the days get longer and warmer, we love incorporating spring living room decor that helps the home feel lighter and brighter to match the season. At Pomegranate we’ve collected our favorite living room decor ideas that will help you celebrate spring in style.

Throw in some style with Gaya Cobalt

Spring is a time of abundance and growth, so why not embrace those qualities through your spring living room decor? A few floral accents will go a long way in creating the bright, cheerful living room you desire. Consider some floral throw pillows or adding a sweet floral still life painting to your wall to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. And, of course you can never go wrong accenting your tables with fresh cut blooms that look (and smell!) lovely.

Dress Up Your Side Tables

Our abiding love of table linens might make us biased, but at Pomegranate we believe that table linens aren’t just for the kitchen. Use table linens as an easy and inexpensive way to update your spring living room decor: add a printed table runner to a console table for a nice dose of brightness, while we adore the idea of using cloth napkins on side tables or coffee tables, particularly underneath a lush potted plant or elegant floral arrangement. Choose pretty patterned pastels to evoke Easter colors, or bright, solid linen that will add saturated color with sophisticated flair.

Dance into spring with Ficus Jade

Switch Out Your Throws

When spring rolls around it’s time to get rid of dense textures and heavy fabrics that look lovely in a winter living room but can feel overwhelming once the seasons shift. Seek out throws in pale or vivid colors that have an airy appearance. If you’re feeling a little bolder, we also love the look of a floral quilt, which is cozy for those dewy mornings and brisk evenings, but offers a pretty pop of color in an inviting, seasonally-appropriate pattern. Keep one rolled up in a cute vintage style crate, or throw your quilt over the back of the sofa for an easy transformation.  

Stock That Bar Cart

Maybe you’ve been hibernating all winter, but now that spring is here, a well-stocked bar cart is an essential aspect of your spring living room decor. In addition to your favorite spirits, wines, and mixers, a selection of cheerful glassware will do wonders during gatherings of family and friends. And don’t forget chic linen cocktail napkins for extra charm and color.

Horse around with fun glassware

Change Your Lighting

Give yourself a chance to bask in all of that lovely springtime sunshine, even from the comfort of your living room. Change out dark-hued and heavy winter drapes for curtains in airy materials and pale colors, which will allow a little more of the natural light to filter in and give your room a brighter look. As far as spring living room decor goes, we also love to switch out our lampshades for brighter colors that add vibrancy to any space.

Opt for Bold and Bright Embellishments

One of the simplest ways to accomplish your spring living room decor goals is through nearly effortless changes in your living room accents. Put away those velvet-covered throw pillows and dress up your sofa and chairs with pillows in bright, beautiful colors that add instant cheer to your parlor. Fabrics like linen and cotton will help you accomplish that light, airy look you’re seeking, while still offering plenty of inviting comfort.

Bright colors make a room spring to life

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