Introducing the Zara Collection

We’re excited to announce Pomegranate’s newest travel accessories — and best of all, they support a wonderful cause. The creation of the Zara Quilted Artisan Collection helped women from economically challenged backgrounds in India learn a skilled trade, provide income for their families and feel pride in their accomplishments.

Handmade with Love

These exclusive items were created in collaboration with a nonprofit organization in India that teaches local women the skills of tailoring and embroidery so they can work to support themselves and their families. The organization then sets up small units in urban villages and employs these trained women to work and earn money, allowing them to remain close to their homes to create a balanced family life. At Pomegranate, we’re so thankful to be able to support such talented women!

A small team of just 2-3 local women were responsible for stitching this brand new collection. They worked closely together, from first cutting the fabric to the final check for quality. Completing each order provides a great sense of accomplishment, which is just as important to the artisans as the money they earn. As a result, each bag is a unique piece that represents the spirit and artistry of the individuals who created it.

Limited-Run, Limited-Edition

We’re honored to introduce our ZARA ARTISAN COLLECTION line of bags and accessories, designs that are exclusive to Pomegranate. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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