Setting the Table: New Year’s Eve Table Decorations

The countdown is on and Pomegranate is here to offer our favorite New Year’s Eve tips and tricks! New Year’s Eve is such a special time to host gatherings of friends and family for dinner, drinks, and reminisce about the year past while looking ahead to what’s to come. Whether you’re having a fabulous party with dozens of guests or an intimate gathering, we’ve got all the info on how you can greet the new year in style. Read our blog for our favorite ways to embellish your table for gatherings large or small.

Set the Mood Instantly with One of a Kind Tablecloths

When it comes to New Year’s Eve table decorations, we love the look of moody, deep colors that will add an instant touch of elegance to your evening festivities. Tablecloths in bold, strong colors that echo the colors of midnight fireworks are a fun choice that still adds the right amount of refinement to your table. Think royal purples and saturated blues for a slightly more dramatic and sophisticated table, while greens and oranges add a sense of excitement, energy, and joy.

Go Bright with Citrus-Infused Prints

Citrus fruits are another way we like to bring a spot of color to the winter months, so why not give your NYE table a splash of brightness with a citrus-inspired print? Our Lemon Splash table runner or Lemon Splash placemats are the perfect accent pieces, and the blue border adds a nice, evening-appropriate contrast to the sunny yellow hue of the lemons. You can layer them with other pieces, or place them on a bare table for a lovely understated style.

Embellish with Linen Napkins

Cloth napkins make easy New Year’s Eve table decorations that will instantly elevate your table from ordinary to absolutely chic in no time at all. Add appeal to each table setting with a cheerful napkin in an unexpected print. For parties, we recommend the vivid and lively Vintage Racing Silks Cloth Napkins or the similarly festive (and aptly named) Party Time Napkins, featuring colorful rosettes and hanging lanterns. And, a bonus—all of our napkins are machine washable, which will make post-party cleanup an absolute cinch.  

Toast-worthy Glassware

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a few fun cocktails or mocktails to toast with? Give your guests the chance to clink glasses in style by bringing out those champagne flutes you’ve been saving! It can also be lovely to start the evening off with a signature party drink, served in stylish glasses. If you’re looking for options, some Bluegrass country, equestrian-inspired barware might be the perfect fit. P.S.—if you’re looking for fun drink ideas, check out our blog post on our favorite go-to drink recipe. It’s simple, pretty, and most importantly, delicious!

Coordinate the Details

You’ve worked so hard to create a stunning tablescape and provide your friends and family with a great meal—don’t skimp on the details! Guests will appreciate the smaller things, such as refined linen cocktail napkins that build on your evening’s theme. With their detailed and darling embroidery, our Champagne Toast napkins are an ideal option for New Year’s Eve table decorations and can be reused for your next celebratory event. The Stag Linen Cocktail Napkins are another wonderful look for fall and winter parties and are easy to wash and use again whenever you’d like to elevate your table.

Have Party Favors Handy

Just like having a nice bottle of bubbly on ice ready for when that ball drops, you may want to consider offering your guests fun party favors that do double duty as New Year’s Eve table decorations. A tiny bag of glittery confetti or a party popper are sweet additions to your table and help convey the joy of things to come. There are even plenty of ways to personalize confetti and party poppers, so if you’re having a big group you can use your favors as a fun alternative to place cards!  

Create a Wintry Centerpiece

Just because Christmas has come and gone doesn’t mean it’s already time to retire those beautiful winter colors! Create a stunning table arrangement using seasonal greens, such as holly and pine. This easy DIY trick is a great way to reuse those lovely boughs and branches that have likely decorated your home since before Christmas—simply arrange your centerpiece elements in a simple clear vase for an elegant and understated look. And if you are looking for more ways to add some festive color to your table, consider a coordinating tablecloth or table runner in our lovely seasonal Douglas Fir print.

Napkin Rings for the Perfect Finishing Touch

You only get one chance to celebrate New Year’s Eve each year, so bring out all of the special New Year’s Eve Table Decorations for a truly memorable meal. Napkin rings are practical and add just the right finishing touch to any table. For New Year’s we adore shimmering metallic options, like the Baldwin Silver Napkin Rings, which pair just perfectly with any color scheme. For a dose of color, bright patent leather napkin rings with scalloped-edge details offer high shine and plenty of party-worthy style.

Countdown to the New Year with Pomegranate

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