Charming Details: Bathroom Hand Towels

I realized a few years ago when I was redecorating my bathrooms that they were the least detailed rooms in my house. And that seems silly since it’s a room that is guaranteed to be seen by visitors! As soon as I noticed, the first thing I did was add some Pomegranate Hand Towels — a small detail that made a big difference.

Redecorating a bathroom is also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up your home. Of course I’m not talking about a full remodel, just a cosmetic change. I’m always amazed by what a fresh coat of paint in a cheery color can do. My favorite lately is the bold wallpaper choices that people are installing in tiny guest baths. Every item you choose is going to be noticed, especially in a small space. I always start with what I love… while keeping in mind what might inspire my guests as well.

Deciding on Pieces

I like to choose bold art for my bathrooms, like photographs from a Taiwanese jungle or Picasso prints of bullfighters. But if I’m being honest, in a room like this every detail can be art. I learned that at an early age when washing my hands at my great aunt’s home, which was built in the 1920s. She had gold Art Deco faucets that were shaped like swans — the faucet their necks and mouths, the handles their wings. When I asked her about her ornate choice for a bathroom, she had an interesting answer. “It’s a room where people don’t always feel fancy,” she said. “I want to surround them with beautiful and welcoming things, so they will feel a bit more comfortable.” That has always stuck with me.

While we don’t all have access to antique faucets, you can still convey this sentiment on a budget. A bright hand towel, slick fashion magazines or a beautiful vase of flowers are all ways to make a room fresh and inviting. Here I’ve used Pomegranate’s Lemon Topiary, Celebrate and Got Your Back fingertip towels. They reflect my garden, my lust for life and our horse farm home. In the end, find items that are meaningful to you and reflect your style. Nothing is off limits if you’re brave enough to show off your style!

A Simple Update


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