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Napkin Folding Art: The Spiral Tower

Continuing our napkin folding series is the Spiral Tower. I must admit, I was a little daunted with this fold at first. I was drawn to it because it really makes a decor statement on the table by adding height at the place setting, giving you the option for lower centerpieces. One thing I learned–press the napkin before folding for optimal structure! It’s also much easier to do with a thicker material napkin, so the Pomegranate line of napkins work perfect for this.

The TutorialNapkin Folding

Fold the napkin in half with the open edge at the bottom. Fold in half again. Take the top right corner and bring it to the bottom left, opening the fold as you do to create a triangle.

Flip the napkin over. Take the bottom left corner and spread it to the right corner, creating a triangle as you do. Fold it in half by taking the left corner to the right.

Turn the napkin so the open edge is on your right and the fold is facing you. Roll the it up tightly.  Stand it up on your place setting and let naturally unroll slightly until you are happy with the spiral shape.

As I mentioned… this one wasn’t the easiest at first. And giving directions by photo may not make it any easier, so I also want to include this link to a video I found giving step-by-step instructions. After I did it one time it was a breeze to do the rest. Like most folds, I feel like it just takes practice to make perfect!

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