Setting the Table: Fall Dining Table Decor Ideas

Head off any end-of-summer-blues and celebrate fall with an autumnal dinner party, complete with inspiring decor that will help you and your loved ones embrace the change of seasons. Cook something delicious, throw a potluck—whatever you do, enjoy yourself and read our favorite fall dining table decor ideas for inspiration!

Find A Meaningful Theme

Nothing ties together a fall dinner party like a creative yet elegant theme, which will help you keep your fall dining table decor ideas focused. While traditional fall themes, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving-influenced decor can feel festive, it can also be fun to think outside the box, and truly make your table stand out. Why not switch things up with some equestrian style home decor? Our Equestrian Sketch print features subtly autumnal green and white hues that are the perfect backdrops for bright goblets or vivid soup bowls–should you be in the mood to add some lush color.

Experiment with Fall Colors

We’re all familiar with the standard fall color palette of rusty reds, vivid oranges, warm yellows, and rich browns—but don’t feel like you have to limit your fall dining table decor ideas to those hues alone. Patterns like our Paddock print are great for fall, as they use many of those classic autumn colors, but also incorporate a vivid green and hints of coral to add an element of the unexpected. Experiment with other colors that play up those foliage-inspired color schemes and chances are your guests will be fawning over your distinctive table.

Layer Textures and Patterns

The same premise that we use for choosing fall outfits—layering in new fabrics and textures—goes for your dining table as well. Make your autumnal tablescape feel inviting, vivid, and rich with varied prints that share one or two colors, but are distinct enough from one another that the combination feels both natural and surprising. Need some hints? We love our horse and snaffle print placemats mixed with our tonga taupe napkins for a lovely pairing of patterns and a hint of equestrian style home decor.

Add a Standout Centerpiece

As much as we love pumpkins, don’t forget that there are plenty of fall greens and flowers that will look gorgeous incorporated into your fall table. For a classy touch, you can’t go wrong with mums, and succulents are always a lovely and low-key way to add some green to your table. Another of our fall dining table decor ideas involves using eucalyptus as a centerpiece, or even draped along the table as a garland for a slightly more rustic look. Simply add a few tealights or taper candles and voila! You’ve got a warm, welcoming dining room.

At Pomegranate, we focus on elegant and joyful design that will enliven your tablescape. Shop our table linens to find something you love, and read our blog to discover more of our top entertaining and decor ideas.

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