Cozy Date Night for Two

I’ve had a bit of trouble transitioning into autumn this year. In Kentucky, it feels like it happened overnight! One minute you’re enjoying the heat poolside and the next you’re wearing tall boots and drinking pumpkin lattes. This year it’s been a not-so-subtle reminder that many things in life go by in a blink. The blooming flowers are replaced by falling leaves. Corn on the cob and fresh peaches in the market are no longer available; instead, we’re greeted by bins of beautiful gourds and pumpkins. All indications that we need to pause every now and then to enjoy the little things in life.

But my husband and I are both so busy. And of course with kids, it’s even harder to find time for a date night. And while I love going out to dinner or to a movie, sometimes it seems like a lot of effort with little payoff. Eating at home isn’t always easy either, especially for just the two of us. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to enjoy one of the last warm Kentucky nights together on the patio. I let the kids have a pizza/movie night and set up a table for two with some wine for our date.

Setting the Mood

Blue Table Setting

I think one of the keys to making this feel like a date was to choose a spot at the house that was a little out of the way. I set up the table in a corner of our patio where we could have a bit of time to ourselves. Another key is making it feel different than eating at home. It took me a few extra minutes to pull out my lively Pomegranate Prints to brighten up the table, making it feel more like a nice restaurant. It’s been so dreary and rainy here that I wanted the date to still feel a little summery, so the rich blues of our Gaya Cobalt handblocks were the perfect fit.

Cozy Date Night

I grabbed the last of the hydrangeas and created a simple vase arrangement that wouldn’t distract from our conversation. We opened a bottle of Graham Beck Rose and had a lovely evening eating and relaxing together. It helped to rejuvenate me and made me feel more excited for the season to come. I highly recommend taking that little extra step to make an evening a bit more special with simple decor. Escaping without actually leaving the house definitely helped me wash away my end of summer blues!

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