Summer Send Off Luncheon

It’s so hard to say goodbye to summer. I love barbecues, picnics and eating on the patio under the stars. With the kids back in school, Labor Day weekend is always a treat to unwind a little. I thought having a pool party for the kids and a special lunch for the moms was the perfect summer send off!

Choosing a Theme

I love Labor Day, but this year I didn’t want to do the whole red, white and blue palette like usual. I’ve thrown quite a few parties this summer featuring that particular color scheme and wanted to do something fresh. I knew we’d be eating in the pool house and thought the bright greens of Pomegranate’s Beach Tree print went great with the white table and wicker chairs. The florist even had these great yellow flowers to go with the Pineapple Citrus napkins.

Using Texture as Decor

I like to bring in texture and placing the wicker-wrapped bottle in the center reflected the chairs. Using low centerpieces helped to keep the table open and the conversation flowing all around. It’s also great that the plates had the little circles around them, helping to keep the table from looking too flat.

Summer Lunch

It helps to be conscious of what you’re serving with how you set the table. I’d planned a lovely fish with fresh salad, a neutral meal that kept the focus on the cheery tablescape. Fresh-squeezed lemonade paired easily with the meal and the pitcher itself added to the decor. I like that this table was simple to put together because the vibrant prints stole the show right away–it’s easy to add in quick elements to give it dimension. Cheers to the end of summer and I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day!

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