Napkin Folding Art: The Marquis

Welcome to the latest chapter in our napkin folding series: The Marquis. This one may seem a bit more complicated, but it actually only took me two attempts to make it perfectly. And once I did they all came together quickly after that! I like folds that have potential for other uses and this one is beautiful on it’s own, but you could also slip a place card or fresh herbs into it to jazz things up even more.

I also like folds that look like you put a lot of time into them. I frequently host dinner parties, so coming up with something fresh every time can become a bit cumbersome. I really enjoyed making these and they were a big hit with the guests. Many said they were too cute to unfold!

Napkin Fold

Start by folding the napkin in half the long way. Turn the napkin and take the two bottom corners of the triangle and fold them towards you to meet the top corner. Take the top corners of the top layer and fold them down to the bottom corner.

Napkin Fold










Fold the bottom half over about three times to create a band across the top half of the napkin. Flip the napkin over and tuck one of the bottom corners into the other corner. Pull the tabs on the front side of the napkin down, and stand it up on your plate.

Napkin Fold

I used Pomegranate’s pink Pony Club napkins along with the Baldwin Rafia placemats. I think keeping a simple setting for these folds is great. Mixing and matching patterns can also show off the fold!

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