DIY: Bright Textile Painting

A friend of mine is currently renovating a house that she intends to rent to guests during the races here. I visited the other day and thought it was just so lovely. So when she asked if I could paint her something simple to brighten up the kitchen that every guest would like, I was more than happy to oblige. It ended up being so easy and fresh that I wanted to share how to do it!

One thing I love about painting something like this is that there’s no wrong way to go about it. You just start with a blank piece of paper, a few tubes of paint and then embrace the imperfections. What I came up with has a very textile feel to it, which makes it great for a variety of decor. The design turned out warm and bright, which makes it welcoming to all. Here’s the tutorial:

Textile Print

Start by painting a circle in the lighter orange. Take the darker orange and blend in a little around half the outer circle to create depth.  Paint a circle with the pink next to it and do the same around the edge with the darker pink. Continue until your paper is as packed as you want; note that I used standard A4 white cardstock. Next with a finer tipped brush paint on leaves. Be careful to watch that each circle only has one area of “stem” that the leaves come from. Let the ink dry and then frame.

I think the mat with the frame really makes these pop, but have fun with your designs. You could use any color combination you’d like that goes well together. I also brought over some Pomegranate Fiscus Dance Jade tea towels for her. Don’t they just complete the look?! It took less than an hour to put this together and made such a difference in the room. You could also use our Block Pattern Tutorial if you wanted to get really fancy!

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