Spring and Summer Decorating Ideas: Infusing Prints into Your Home’s Decor

Trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, and summer is well on its way! It’s time to infuse your home with spring and summer decor to create a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere—inspired by a naturally vibrant palette.

Here are some spring and summer decorating ideas for getting your home season-ready with fun and vibrant prints.


Lighten Up Your Living Space

Just as you have a wardrobe for each season, dress your pillows, cushions, and even windows in vibrant colorful accents for spring and summer. Pair the greys, blues, and blacks with fruits and florals to brighten your year ‘round essentials. Tweed, silk, and velvet feel luxurious in the winter, but the lighter cotton and linen fabrics are just the thing for spring and summer!

For some fun spring and summer decorating ideas, dress your furniture in unique prints and add some colorful throw pillows to give your home a cheery lift and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

“Pineapple citrus” pattern tablecloth and napkinAdd Some Flavor in the Kitchen

For spring and summer decorating ideas in the kitchen, add some fruit and flowers to your decor with lively aprons, hand towels, napkins, and oven mitts. These small touches will go a long way to make your kitchen that much more inspiring in spring.

For afternoon teas and dinner parties, adorn the table top with a printed cloth and a vase of fresh foliage from the garden. The colors and scents will fill your home with the fragrance of spring!

Freshen Up the Bedroom

Bedrooms provide a wonderful backdrop for exploring spring and summer decorating ideas.You won’t be needing the heavy flannel sheets and duvet with warmer weather around the corner, so combine some bright printed sheets with matching single-color slips and blankets (or a lighter duvet) for an understated, yet color-coordinated approach.

Make Your Bathroom a Garden Paradise

Finally, get your bathroom spring-ready with some fresh flowers and lightly-scented candles. Seasonal candles are a simple and effective way to bring the outdoors into your home all year long.


Summer is the warmest time of the year in many parts of the country, but also the most popular one for traveling. Here are some spring and summer decorating inspiration and ideas that incorporate summer activities and travels into your home’s decor.

Tone Down the Colors

Summer colors can either be more subtle or vibrant than spring pastels, depending on your personal tastes. Infuse your home with softer shades, pastels, or opt for accents of more saturated tones.

Add Some Lush Greenery

Greenery and natural motifs are wonderful spring and summer decorating ideas, but while spring emphasizes colorful blooms, summer invites a more lush, leafy appeal. Some native foliage or a maidenhair fern is just right for bringing a feeling of freshness in summer without being overpowering.

Summer-Up the Hanging Decorations

In your living spaces, bring your favorite summer memories out for display by hanging summer-themed art and photography. It could be photos from a trip to the beach, a wild horseback ride through the mountains, camping by the river, or going on a relaxing family picnic.

Take the Party Outside

To enjoy those long summer nights, take some throw cushions and light linen onto the porch to create a cozy outdoor space. There’s nothing better on a summer evening than with a cup of sweet tea or fresh lemonade and the people you love beside you.

Navy Gingham Napkins from Pomegranate Inc.Celebrate with Patriotic Prints

Not only is summer great for travel, it’s also the season to bring your patriotic spirit into the spotlight! Memorial Day sneaks in just a little before summer officially starts, then you’ve got the Fourth of July as the main summer celebration, and Labor Day coming in as the heat starts to transition to fall. Make the most of blue-and-white, red-and-white, and tri-color prints to bring your home into celebration mode in a subtle and stylish way.

Your patriotic spring and summer decorating ideas will show your love for country without the need for flags in every room. For the outside of your house, a foliage wreath is the perfect way to get into the Independence Day spirit.

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