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Chic, Efficient Packing Tips

Planning for any trip includes making sure you pack everything you need for your time away from home in as few bags as possible. At Pomegranate, we know this isn’t as easy as it sounds and we want to offer you some of our most efficient packing tips so you can save both time and space.

Take the Right Sized Travel Bag

First, choose the right luggage. If you’re only going away for a couple of nights, a weekender or canvas travel bag will fit much more than a printed canvas tote while still being lightweight. Keep your belongings organized with a dopp bag for toiletries, a separate cosmetics bag, a tie case for jewelry, and a garment bag for any special outfits that need to hold their shape while traveling.

Pack Personal Care Products in Mini Bottles

Here’s an efficient packing tip: Avoid extra weight and pack your personal care products (like shampoo, moisturizers, and perfumes) in smaller bottles. Keep them sealed in a watertight kit like our canvas cosmetic bag. In case of spills, pack your your personal care kit close to your socks instead of your fanciest garments or belongings.

Plan a Multi-Purpose Travel Wardrobe

Now for the big one… clothes! Our efficient packing tips for clothes include taking various items that you can mix and match for a range of outfits that work for different types of weather. Always bring a hat, sunscreen, and an umbrella so you’re prepared rain or shine.

Roll Your Clothes

Once you’ve laid out your tops, bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and the rest of your resort wear, fold and roll each item tightly to fit more in your printed canvas tote. Organization is key—keep each type of garment together in one spot (especially underwear!) so it’s easier to find what you need.

Take a Tote or Clutch for Day Trips

While you’ll be able to take everything for your trip in one bag with our efficient packing tips, it’s essential to have a smaller tote or clutch for outings so that you can take just what you need for the day. Don’t be stuck carrying your entire wardrobe with you everywhere when you can pack a smaller bag for daily adventures.

Travel in Style

At Pomegranate, we offer sturdy, stylish canvas travel bags, clutches, and totes for all your travel needs. Keep everything together with our matching printed bags and totes. Shop chic, practical bags, travel accessories, and more at Pomegranate!

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