Making Centerpieces of Fallen Logs

Last weekend, Mother Nature was on a rampage in my city. We had huge, violent storms rush through that knocked out power for days, created lightning like I’ve never seen and destroyed hundreds of beautiful trees. I’m so grateful that no one was seriously injured and that damaged homes and businesses are already on the mend. However, in the wake of the storm, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see so many large trees broken and uprooted from the ground.

If you follow the blog you know that my farm is also an arboretum, so Native Kentucky trees have always been near and dear to our hearts. Driving around town and seeing so many trees chainsawed for firewood seemed so wrong. Then I heard about a few local craftsman and artists who were salvaging stumps and trunks to make tables and large sculptures. This inspired me! My small idea was to use extra tree slices as centerpieces and table signs. You could also use smaller pieces to create name cards — how cute would that be!?

I made this very simple tutorial that I think would work perfect for a wedding. It’s not a new idea, but I was excited to put the trees to positive use. The instructions are pretty straight forward: saw the slices into pieces of the width you want, sand and paint. You could even stain them, use different colors of paint, cut them in half circles… the possibilities are up to you!

I love how the natural log looks with Pomegranate’s Blue Gingham placemat! You can leave these as rustic as you want or sand them smooth. I used acrylic paint — but with a very smooth surface you could easily calligraphy these. I also want to make guestbooks, cutting boards, Christmas ornaments… the sky is the limit!

Additional Inspiration

Here are a few examples I found on Pinterest, which is a great resource for ideas. I also wanted to note that if you’re not in Lexington and don’t have logs, there are some available on Etsy. What a beautiful way to turn lemons into lemonade, as the saying goes!

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