Fresh Green Tablescape

Green is one of my favorite colors; as you can see it’s prevalent in many Pomegranate prints. To me, the color green is simply timeless and goes with every season. In the summer it reminds me of fresh cut grass; at Christmas it evokes holly and pine.  When I set a glorious green table, I love that the florals can be simple or grand as the greenery in them will reflect whatever pattern I choose.

Gorgeous Greens

For this table, I wanted to mix and match two patterns. Our hand block prints are so much fun and thought they would go perfectly with my bright green goblets. I folded them into the Lotus shape so that the printed edges would pop off the table cloth. The neutral design on the Provence pattern is a perfect complement and mimics the shape of the glasses and florals.

Green Table

I also love that the plates have a leaf pattern on them. Keeping with my theme of natural elements, the bamboo silverware seemed like the perfect choice. Then to jazz it up just a touch, I included my grandmother’s silver salt wells and pepper shakers. It’s a classic table that only took a few minutes to put together, but it’s fresh and bright and brought joy to the dinner party.

Green Table


To add a little height to this setting, I used a tall vase and then built out the floral arrangement with bulky flowers, including hydrangeas. Using their leaves as part of the decor is an excellent way to fill more space on a smaller budget. I also liked how the shape of the vase was similar to the shape of the goblets. Try to concentrate on these types of details: shape, texture and color that can bring your items together and create a cohesive setting. I can’t wait to make Garlic Crusted Salmon for dinner to add some gorgeous pinks to the table once it’s all served!

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