Dinner Plates Pomegranate

Fun Dinner Plates for your Pomegranate Textiles

Running a textile company, we take a lot of photographs of our products. And setting up a styled shoot to show them off is so much fun, especially shopping for the perfect accessories to merchandise with them. But it’s always a challenge to weed through so many options to find the perfect selection of plates. Not to mention the myriad colored and patterned glasses out there. And we can’t forget the silverware, with endless options in wood, gold or shaped handle choices. Plus, I always want my Pomegranate textiles to remain the focal point, drawing the eye to any table —  but the plate is also such an essential item.

It’s easy to find a plain white or colored plate. It’s even easy to find different shapes like square or scalloped. But searching for one that is whimsical or unique? That’s the hard part. I wanted to share today with you some of the fun ones I’ve come across. One of my favorite things about decorating is mixing unexpected patterns, as you can see from our table settings of the past. I found a few classic pieces, some different materials that I didn’t expect to like but did, and a couple more that are just too fun not to get. I have grouped these into patterns, but so many of them also work with other Pomegranate design just as well. We hope you find something that you just can’t wait to pair with your Pomegranate pieces. And if you do, make sure to send us a picture!

Ficus Dance Jade

Dinner Plates Pomegranate

  • Rohan Honeycomb Coupe by Darby Home Co. is a classic set of china with a beautiful gold pattern inspired by honeybees. They actually make me crave fresh crepes drizzled in honey!
  • Taika Blue Dinnerware from Macy’s looks like you bought the pieces in an obscure antique shop or artisan’s studio. I love the idea of the dark pattern against the bright greens and white of the Ficus Dance Jade print.
  • Painted Poppies from Anthropologie reminds me of having dinner in the Portuguese countryside. With simple dishes served family style, this plate works perfectly for a rustic dinner with great friends.
  • Rain Plates from Anthropologie, because you can never have enough indigo in my opinion (and because I clearly love everything from Anthropologie).
  • Discovery Bone China from Wayfair is a pattern I want to mix and match with most of the Pomegranate designs. Of course Wayfair is a site where it’s easy to find a ton of things you love!


Lobster and Vine

Dinner Plates Pomegranate

  • Luca Dinnerware by Lenox is surprisingly modern for this dish maker and I was pleased to find it. I love the geometric pattern in the background of the lobster print and feel this setting really reflects that well.
  • Nautical Theme by Jessica Howard. How fun are these with the lobsters?! Can we say “set the dinner table for a clambake” or what?!?
  • Sea Stripes from Etsy is a sturdy stoneware you can’t go wrong with.  I can imagine this table setting under string lights and firing up the pizza oven with the kids.
  • Whale Plate from Etsy is so simple and classic, yet fun. I like the simplicity of it against the bold pattern of the lobster.
  • Aranami Blue Wave from Miya Co. reminds me of watching the waves summering in the Hamptons. Wouldn’t a big backyard barbecue just be perfect with these patterns together!?
  • Sardine Run by Jersey Pottery. These remind me of another spot in Portugal — a tiny restaurant on the beach where they don’t even have a menu.  You order the type of fish you want and they serve you a huge lunch inspired by it. What a treat!


Pick Six

Dinner Plates Pomegranate

  • Gold Rim on Etsy. I love the idea of the clean lines of Pick Six mixed with the natural edge of these plates. Oh and wouldn’t these look perfect with the coastal patterns as well…
  • Equestrian Plates from Devon — these ponies were just too cute to pass up. This set would be an adorable idea for a Pony Club event.
  • Hexagon Plate from Etsy. I am obsessed with these! Not only are they a great shape to add to the table, but they are made of matte porcelain. My love for texture is in full overdrive here.
  • Gold and Grey by Wedgwood reminds me of the track diagrams in programs. I’d call them 6 Furlongs if I could name them for Wedgewood. (Talk about a dream job).

Stay tuned for more plate ideas to mix with our patterns. I found way too many great pieces to limit it to just one post!

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