When we started the process of the spring line this year tons of sketches that I loved were just not right for our aesthetic and so were tossed, only a few make it through to be a Pomegranate, Inc. pattern and I find that to be a large part of joy I find in my job.  What you create won't always be for everyone but everything you create will be for yourself and that is an amazing feeling, I hope you find inspiration in the way I work and remember to make time for your artistic passion!

Carina Sky Inspired by Blues of the Bahamas

I’m very lucky to spend a lot of my free time traveling. When I go to a new or even a familiar place, I love to live like a local and thoroughly explore my surroundings.  Last winter I spent some time in the Bahamas, a place I consider a second home, and worked to create the newest Spring Line for Pomegranate, Inc. Every morning I took a walk — to pick up fruits and vegetables from the market, enjoy the breeze coming off the beach or to admire the dazzling colors that grace the windswept cottages that line the coast.

If you follow our Instagram, then you’re already aware at how much I love the color blue — and lately I’ve been seeing it everywhere! One morning I walked past a cottage I’d seen many times before, but on that particular day it gave me a real a-ha! moment: the bold blue of the shutters and the bright whites inspired me to head back home and pick up my paint supplies.

Pattern Creation

A Blue & White Story

With my markers, paints and pens in hand, I headed out to the back veranda to get started with no clear idea of how I would incorporate the colors into a pattern.  I started by sketching a photo that also had a bluesy color scheme. Overall I liked the sketch, but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to capture. I wanted to create a dynamic design that would easily translate into a repeating textile pattern.Pattern Creation

Carina Sky Blue

My great-grandmother always taught me to find inspiration in my surroundings. From this simple potted plant by a shuttered window to a vine in my garden, art can be anything you want it to be. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized not to strive for perfection or what I think might be “on-trend.” There are so many of my sketches that never see the light of day, but they are so much fun to make and represent the deeply personal process of creating. After I’d spent a while sketching the various items around me, I focused on the gorgeous vines that scale one of the garden’s walls. Then it hit me:  I’d take the varying blues from my palette and turn them into an organic piece that I’d normally represent with shades of green. I was thrilled that after a few rough drafts, the Carina Sky Blue pattern was born!

Pattern Creation

When we started the assortment for the spring line this year, many of the sketches that I initially loved didn’t make it through to the production phase. Only a few of our top faves became official Pomegranate, Inc. patterns. But the process of taking some sketches to print and leaving others in a drawer is one of my favorite aspects of my job. What you create won’t always be for everyone, but everything you create will always be for yourself. What an amazing feeling! I hope you find inspiration from this small story — and always remember to set aside time for your personal passions.

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